Monday 21 Apr 2014

My student is on vacation during the dates specified on the post card I received. Does this mean he/she will not be in the yearbook?

If your student is not available during the dates you have received, please contact our studio to inquire about further dates, or to be put on a waiting list if there are not any dates available at the time.

I just received my proofs in the mail today, and it says that if they are not returned by the date specified on the label, that I will be billed $15 for each unreturned proof. Is this true?

If you need to hang on to the proofs a bit longer than the 2 weeks that are given, that’s not a problem. Please call our office and set up a proof return extension, and you will be given a new due date.

I already selected my yearbook pose online. Why am I receiving hard copies of the same proofs in the mail?

The proof-by-mail process is automatically started for each student, upon photography. The hard copies are mailed out to the permanent mailing address provided on the envelope by the student before photography. The proofing process by mail does take about 1-2 weeks longer than the digital proofing process, as time is needed to create the actual proofs and put them together. Hard copies are mailed out to the home in order to give parents the opportunity to have the actual proofs in their hand, and place a portrait order if desired.

My yearbook pose was changed, and I don’t know why! What should I do?

First, please log in to your account online and click the “View Images” tab. Above your images, there is a description of what your school’s yearbook requirements are. If you have previously chosen a pose that does NOT meet the requirements, it may have been changed to a pose that does meet the school’s specific requirements in order for your photo to be included in the yearbook.

I am interested in ordering a package, however, I do not have the money at this time. What can I do?

No problem! Just contact our office, and one of our representatives can work with you to setup a payment plan that works for you.

I am only interested in purchasing a digital file, rather than a whole package. Is this an option?

If you are interested in obtaining the digital files of your images, you will need to purchase the High Resolution CD with copyright release. We do not offer a rate for single digital files. Each CD comes with a copyright release, giving you the right to have unlimited copies of your images produced, to fit your needs.

The package I ordered included Basic Retouching, and there are stray hairs in the finished product. Why?

Our Basic Retouching is created to eliminate blemishes, and even out the skin tone. It does not include the removal of stray hairs, foreign objects, or anything else. If you have something specific that you would like to see retouched, feel free to contact our office for a Custom Retouching quote.

I paid $100 at the time of my session, and I still have not received my order. When will I be receiving it?

If you paid a deposit at the time of your sitting, this does not mean that you have placed an order yet. In order to utilize your deposit, you will need to choose a package and place your portrait order, either online or by mail. The deposit paid will be credited towards your package total, in full.

I ordered a package that includes a CD. I received the CD, however, I do not see the copyright release. Where is it?

The copyright release can be found on your CD, as a text document. By putting the release onto the CD itself, we can be sure that the customer will always have a copy in their possession, and it is also more convenient for the company reproducing your images to be able to access everything at once.

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